Drugs & Vaping

Attorney General Reyes has tackled some of Utah’s largest illicit drug cases on record, successfully taking on local drug syndicates, narco-traffickers and international drug cartels doing business in Utah. 

Most often combining resources with federal and local partners such as the DEA, U.S. Attorney’s Office, County Attorneys and Metro Narcotics, the AG Office under Reyes has prosecuted violent drug criminals and removed off the street thousands of pounds of heroin, cocaine, meth, spice and other dangerous drugs from Logan to Lehi, Salt Lake to St. George and Kanab to Kaysville. 

Last year, in conjunction with federal partners, Reyes’ team made national news as it obtained a conviction in one of the country’s largest dark web fentanyl drug rings. He has also helped lead national efforts to crack down on counterfeit or laced drugs like Spice and fake Xanax pills on college campuses to protect Utah students from unknowingly ingesting lethal ingredients. And, Reyes has helped lead local and national efforts to confront the risks and dangers of vaping for youth, particularly where foreign knockoffs are laced with deadly opioids.  

As your Attorney General, Sean Reyes:

  • Created the State Opioid Taskforce with DEA Supervisory Agent Brian Besser
  • Led seizure of the largest amount of Spice in Utah history (at the time); Spice is synthetic marijuana often laced with other deadly drugs 
  • Prosecuted major Spice ring in Utah supplying drugs statewide and nationwide
  • Teamed with DEA on the largest heroin bust in Utah history
  • Served on Substance Use Committee National Association of Attorneys General
  • Keynoted Utah Narcotics Officers Association Annual Conference
  • Promotes Utah Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Program 
  • Co-chairs Western AG Taskforce to Combat Lethal Opioid Laced Vaping Cartridges
  • Supports and helped Advance Utah Anti-Vaping Initiatives
  • Supports Drug Courts and Alternative Programs to Incarceration like treatment and recovery for low level, first-time or addict offenders