Life & Religious Liberty

AG helps secure the Gateway for Kanye West’s Sunday Service in Salt Lake City

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is unabashedly pro-life! He is known for defending children and keeping them safe, including those yet to be born. A devout Christian, Reyes believes all babies, including those in the womb, deserve human dignity. 

He has worked to hold organizations with an abortion agenda accountable and defended the Governor in court when he was sued for defunding Planned Parenthood in Utah. Reyes supports requiring abortionists to comply with basic health and safety laws and providing mothers with real facts about abortion before they make a termination of life decision. He has supported laws in Utah and around the nation protecting life and he will continue to ensure that laws passed by the Utah legislature to protect the lives of unborn children are legally protected. Reyes has also worked closely with the White House and its advisors to put judges on the federal bench whose judicial philosophies recognize the sanctity of life.  

Reyes is a defender of religious liberty; he has supported a number of cases nationally that attempt to preserve the religious freedom embraced by our Constitution, and specifically afforded under the free exercise clause of the First Amendment. For example, he has joined briefs in a variety of religious freedom fights, including: cases to allow religious entities like the Little Sisters of the Poor and closely held private companies such as Hobby Lobby Arts and Crafts to resist federal contraception mandates under the Affordable Care Act; cases defending Catholic Social Services and similar church sponsored foster and adoption programs against religious discrimination by cities and states; cases which permit church schools to select their teachers under the ministerial exception; cases granting religious institutions eligibility to receive public funds; cases allowing religious monuments to stand if they have independent historic and secular symbolism; and cases allowing prayer at government meetings and those which would return prayer to schools. 

As your Attorney General, Sean Reyes:

  • Has worked with and been recognized for his advocacy by: The Sutherland Institute, Utah Eagle Forum, Alliance Defending Freedom, the Beckett Fund, American Principles Project among others, to educate, influence policy and defend those championing the cause of Life and Religious Liberty
  • Has worked closely with BYU Legal Scholars on Religious Liberty issues 
  • Hosts and has invited religious leaders of every faith represented in Utah to various events at the Capitol and his office including inaugurations, celebrations and ceremonies recognizing their deep contributions to Utah
  • Worked with religious leaders of all faiths and backgrounds on tax policy in Utah and the effects on their ministries & congregations
  • Has attended study, worship services or celebrations in Utah with Bishops in Catholic Cathedral and Parishes; Pastors and leaders at Protestant Churches; Pastors of Evangelical Ministries; Rabbis in Temples and Synagogues; Imams at Mosques; Priests at Greek Orthodox Cathedrals; Priests at Hindu Temples; Sikhs, Buddhists, Adventists, Scientologists and others in their places of worship in Utah.
  • Hosted Kanye West for Saturday Music Services in downtown Salt Lake City
  • Founded an AG Evangelical Task Force comprised of over forty pastors to help promote community safety and service such as training on the SafeUT App/suicide prevention
  • Keynoted and helps host annual Utah recognition of National Day of Prayer
  • 2015 Weyrich Award Finalist