In addition to pursuing child predators and traffickers through the Internet and Dark Web, Attorney General Reyes has led Utah’s efforts to combat fraud, identity theft, hackers and entities that violate privacy rights of our citizens online. 

Renowned con-man turned FBI consultant, Frank Abagnale (famous from the Spielberg movie “Catch Me if You Can”), has worked closely with Reyes to educate families and businesses throughout the state on how to better protect themselves from becoming victims of cybercrime. And when crimes do occur, Reyes has been willing to invest the time and effort it takes to track down and hold accountable perpetrators who harm Utahns or expose them to harm on their smartphones or computers. Abagnale praises the continuous efforts of the AG, saying that in over 40 years of law enforcement he has never worked with a more committed or more effective regulator than AG Reyes when it comes to fighting fraud and electronic crimes. 

Beyond successful prosecution of breach cases and economic cases online, Reyes has led national policy initiatives that strike a balance between protecting Utah consumers, their rights and privacy and not overburdening Utah businesses, especially small businesses, with government regulations. 

As your Attorney General, Sean Reyes:

  • Pioneered efforts with Microsoft to bring cases against foreign online criminal scammers targeting Utah seniors and retirees for millions of dollars 
  • Has aggressively pursued large and small fraud/identity theft cases perpetrated online
  • Promoted free online resource for Utah parents to verify child’s SS# not compromised
  • Joined AGs nationwide to win a historic $600 million nationwide settlement with Equifax for 2017 data breach affecting more than 1.2 million Utahns and 147 million Americans 
  • Formed a data-breach taskforce in AGO and that is actively seeking remedies for citizens whose data has been exposed to hackers 
  • Has negotiated numerous settlements resulting in benefits such as free credit monitoring and other forms of compensation for victims and significant payments to Utah
  • Trained the first-ever certified “Information Privacy Professionals” housed in the AG Office and will double certifications this year
  • Worked to promote data breach “safe harbor” for small businesses if they’ve taken steps to protect information prior to a breach; helped draft policy and legislation to support 
  • Oversees and holds accountable businesses in Utah reporting breach incidents
  • Participates as part of Uniform Law Commission drafting national privacy bill that will give Utahns more rights to control their own private information 
  • Fights fraudulent robocalls; petitioned FTC to use cyber tools to verify and track identity of robo-callers to give Utah citizens relief and protection 
  • Partnering with national non-profit to bring Utah 211 as a phone/online service to report identify theft and other online crimes, receive help and relief from some financial liability 
  • Works with block chain companies and experts to lessen fraud in the ecosystem while supporting positive advancements of the technology