PRESS RELEASE: Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes Files for Reelection

SALT LAKE CITY (March 13, 2020) — Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes today filed for re-election, at the same time emphasizing his commitment to expand on numerous achievements and initiatives he’s pioneered while in office. He reiterated his prior decision to not gather signatures for the primary ballot.

Reyes is recognized locally and nationally for his ethical leadership, innovation, and his dedication to solving major threats such as the opioid epidemic, suicide, human trafficking, cyber-crime and white-collar fraud. He has been awarded various honors for his support of law enforcement and the military, for his legal and policy expertise and his vigorous protection of Utah children, families, laws, lands and economic prosperity. Reyes is also a vocal supporter of the caucus and convention system in Utah.

“I’m a product of our caucuses and convention. I launched my first campaign at a rural caucus. And I'm looking forward to continuing to connect with delegates and all Utahns about what we’ve accomplished together over the past several years to strengthen our great state and nation,” Reyes explained. “I absolutely love my job and will keep working tirelessly to save children, investigate fraud and serious crimes, protect taxpayer interests and our defend our Constitution.”

"My decision to continue this work comes after months of contemplation and prayer with my wife, Saysha, and our family. I’ve had opportunities to serve at the national level. But I’ve chosen to stay in Utah for a reason. I’m honored to serve this state I love. I want to continue my team's momentum and success here in order to protect all Utahns, strengthen local economies and lessen human suffering. We’ve accomplished a great deal, but I have even
more to give.”

Regarding challengers in the political arena, Reyes added, “My results speak for themselves. The people of this state know I stand for the Rule of Law and justice for all, not just the elite. I will run a positive and strong campaign to remain Utah’s top law enforcement leader and the State’s principal legal counsel.”

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