PRESS RELEASE: Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes Announces 2020 Re-election Bid Despite Strong Support for a Gubernatorial Run

SALT LAKE CITY (January17, 2020) — After a year of being recruited by individuals,business leaders and bi-partisan advocacy groups nationwide to run for the opengubernatorial seat in his state, Utah AttorneyGeneral Sean D. Reyes today announced his decision to seek re-election asthe state’s top law enforcement leader. In doing so, Reyes will continue toexpand on a number of office achievements and ensure protecting Utahns remainsa top priority. With over $250,000 cash on hand as of January 17, 2020, pledgesfor additional resources and a seasoned campaign team and loyal supporters,Reyes is a favorite to win another term.

“I sincerely appreciate the many local, national andglobal leaders who have encouraged me to run for Governor of this great State,”explained Utah Attorney General Reyes. “Like job offers in Washington D.C. I decidedto turn down, this opportunity required serious consideration. But after monthsof contemplation and prayer with my family, Saysha and I felt I could make themost difference, help protect Utahns and the local economy, lessen human sufferingand serve Utah most effectively by continuing the momentum and success my teamhas already achieved. We’ve accomplished a great deal but I have much more togive. I absolutely love this job and this state, and want to keep working myheart out to save kids, protect Utah and serve its people.

“I plan to run a strong campaign to remain Utah’stop law enforcement leader and the State’s
legal counsel.”

Leaders nationwide applaudReyes’ decision and dedication to Utah:

“Sean is an incredibly accomplished lawyer, innovatorand leader. More importantly, he’s an even better family man and human being. He could serve in anypolitical office at any level. I am excited for him to be re-elected so we cancontinue working together to strengthen America.”
—Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

“Istrongly believe that the strength of our government is that it is based on therule of law, where everyone regardless of their ethnic background or economicsituation is treated fairly and respectfully. It is important therefore to havesomeone with a love of and understanding of the law as the Attorney General,someone who is a strong leader, who is a person of integrity, and is guided bythe Constitution. In my mind, Utah cannot find a better person for the AttorneyGeneral role than Sean Reyes. That is why I am supporting him for re-election.”  
—Scott Anderson, President and CEO, Zions Bank

“I work daily with political leaders from all parties. General Reyes isa national leader among AGs and other state and federal officials. He’s strongin his Conservative beliefs but also a bridge builder who can work effectivelywith people of all walks of life and of every political persuasion.”
—Karen White, Executive Director of thebi-partisan Conference of Western Attorneys General and Attorney GeneralAlliance

“AGReyes has the respect of the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court and many lowercourts across America. The son of a god-fearing, hard-working immigrant family,he represents the best of what America has to offer. He is a person ofcompassion and action, combating some of our nation’s biggest threats andleading out on many of our country’s most important issues.”
—Peter Bisbee, Executive Director, Ruleof Law Defense Fund

About Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes

The Honorable Sean D. Reyes is the 21st AttorneyGeneral and first minority elected statewide in Utah. Reyes has received widepraise for regaining public trust and successfully handling many of the mostimportant cases in the state’s history. In 2013, Reyes took over an embattledoffice mired in scandal and criminal allegations surrounding his predecessors. Rightaway he restored confidence and excellence in the state’s flagship law firm andwas quickly recognized as a rising star in the political sphere. Hesubsequently won re-election in 2014 and 2016 by large margins.

Reyes has pioneered unique deployment of cutting edge technologies in lawenforcement including Rapid DNA, Data Aggregation, Artificial IntelligenceAnalytics and Virtual Reality Simulators to combat crime, deescalate violence,address public health crises and protect Utah and Americans against otherthreats. Under Reyes’ leadership, the Utah AG office continues to fight againstwhite collar fraud, the opioid epidemic, human trafficking, rising suicide,bullying, cybercrime, youth pornography addiction and domestic violence.

Reyes graduated summa cum laude from BYU and withhonors from UC Berkeley School of Law. He was the American Bar Association’sfirst-ever National Outstanding Young Lawyer for his legal skill, leadershipand humanitarian service and was the first to be recognized by Brigham YoungUniversity as its Young Distinguished Alumnus of the Year. Prior to serving asUtah’s 21st Attorney General, Reyes was a Partner at Parsons Behle& Latimer. Reyes is the son of a Filipino-Spanish father and a NativeHawaiian, Japanese and Chinese mother. He and Saysha, his wife of 24 years,have six children. A former DJ, hula dancer, collegiate athlete and MMAfighter, Reyes now enjoys speaking at Comic Cons, and coaching his kids’ sportsteams.

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