Why Am I Running for Re-Election?

I love to serve and feel like my team is making a positive difference in many areas. I am the candidate with the most leadership and legal experience and most qualified for this position.  Over the last nine months, we have built a lot of productive momentum in the Utah Attorney General’s Office (“AGO”) and I am running for reelection to ensure we continue moving in the right direction. The morale of the office improves each day. Public trust has been restored because of our emphasis on integrity and legal excellence and not political agendas and special interests. I want to continue to lead out as Utah’s top prosecutor and law enforcement officer to maintain the progress and stability we’ve built and to ensure the new policies, procedures and best practices we have implemented are continually improved upon.  

The hardworking lawyers and professionals in the office are now receiving the resources, technology, leadership and support needed to keep violent and white collar criminals off the streets.  They are also realizing the financial compensation they deserve after more than a decade of promised but undelivered raises and resources being diverted to political causes. We don’t need a fourth attorney general in four years, particularly one who has never managed lawyers, never held a leadership position in his legal career and one who wants to learn on the job how to lead a legal office.