Thank You, Utah!

My wife Saysha and I and our family would like to thank each of you who supported my campaign for Attorney General and many other Republicans in the State of Utah in 2016. Your contributions of time, money, hard work and prayers really made a difference. I feel a tremendous responsibility to continue living up to the high standards you deserve and I will keep working my hardest to maintain honor, integrity, success and leadership in my office.
Thank you to all who participated in the Presidential election and helped our party win the White House, Senate and House majorities and the opportunity to shape the federal judiciary and U.S. Supreme Court for generations to come. In the coming months, healing and unity should be a priority for all Republicans as we have work that is too important and too urgent to be impeded by division and dissent.
In response to a recent media inquiry about how I felt regarding the Republican majority, I expressed the following. I hope you agree.

"I'm pleased that Republicans have control of the White House and Congress. I am particularly pleased that a Republican administration will have a chance to appoint at least one new Supreme Court Justice and likely more over the coming years, as well as federal circuit and district court judges. That was always my biggest concern in this election. Our party has a tremendous opportunity to lead and get meaningful work accomplished in DC with the majority and mandate we won. But, there is a great responsibility that comes with that opportunity—to not waste time, to be bold but wise, strong and caring, to be respectful and listen to differing views and not abuse the opportunity we earned. We will need to work hard to heal America and find areas of collaboration we can all agree on even though there will always be issues upon which we may disagree.
"I'm excited and looking forward to continuing serving as Utah AG while I also continue to work with and advise a Trump/Pence team on issues like Supreme Court nominees. It's been fulfilling to represent Utah's interests on several national advisory committees for Trump/Pence such as the Supreme Court, Asian Pacific Island and Hispanic Committees.
"I look forward to helping President-elect Trump and his administration live up to the commitments he made during the campaign for a better and stronger America. I want to also steer them to offer significant support for issues such as fighting human trafficking, fighting cyber and white collar crimes, intervention to prevent teen and veteran suicide, addressing opioid addiction, criminal justice reform, better training for law enforcement on de-escalation and trust with the communities they police as well as better nutrition for food deserts among other issues of priority to me."

To read the recent Salt Lake Tribune article with an excerpt from the above quote, click here.

God bless you, the great State of Utah and these United States!

With respect and gratitude,   

Sean D. Reyes
Utah Attorney General