NRA Endorses AG Reyes with A+ Rating


SALT LAKE CITY—October 11, 2016—Based on his support of and commitment to the Second Amendment, Attorney General Sean Reyes has earned an “A+” rating and endorsement for reelection from the NRA-PVF in the 2016 general election. An “A+” rating is reserved for a solidly pro-Second Amendment elected official who has consistently supported the NRA’s position on votes of importance to gun owners and sportsmen.

Reyes rejects the Clinton-Obama gun control agenda, which includes restrictions on transferring firearms between life-long friends and family members and a deceptive emphasis on closing gun shop and online loopholes which are already addressed by federally mandated background checks of gun dealers including at gun shows. Reyes also respects and supports hunting as a valuable tool for wildlife management and conservation.

Responding to this recent national endorsement, Reyes stated, “I appreciate the endorsement by the NRA, and look forward to continuing to work with them in support of our Second Amendment rights."

According to NRA-PVF Chairman Chris W. Cox in a recent endorsement letter, Attorney General Reyes’ extensive work on the legal front to protect the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has been much appreciated. “Our members will interpret you’re A+ rating and endorsement as indicating that you are a solid pro-gun/pro-hunting candidate. I look forward to a future partnership with you to advance the interests of Utah’s law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen,” he added.

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