How Does Transparency Help Restore Public Trust in the Office of the Attorney General? Where do you Draw the Line with Transparency?

Transparency is essential and we have added resources in the office to respond to public requests for information.  We have also been more compliant with open and transparent bidding on government contracts.  In certain cases, however, there is information we cannot disclose because it is protected by attorney-client privilege, protected under HIPPAA or other laws or which could endanger people like our undercover investigators and their informants if disclosed.  We have to be careful to be transparent without doing anything to compromise cases, investigations or daily operations. Sometimes there are office policies and procedures that need to be implemented to eliminate chaos and confusion, such as uniform media policy and procedures, which is standard practice for most businesses and law firms. We have made ourselves frequently available for the media to interview and try to respond to all reasonable media requests.  As a campaign, we’ve also been acutely aware of and careful about vetting and disclosing campaign donations, making sure the public know who I am and what I stand for on our website and social media and keeping campaign operations separate from office operations.