Transparency and Efficiency

Transparency and efficiency are key components to the foundation of a strong government. The ability for citizens to see what their representatives are doing is vital to prevent corruption. That is why the Utah AG office has dedicated executive staff and lawyers managing open record requests on a daily basis. Transparency and efficiency in government support economic growth and stability, and gives Utahns confidence that their state government is fighting against corruption — both in business and in its own practices. 

The Utah AG office has an active Community/Communications Department that proactively engages in finding solutions together with members of the community and leads issue-based discussions and focus groups. AG Reyes has invited civic, faith, education and community leaders to sit down with active police agency leadership including AG investigators to the first Respecting Police/Respecting Community Dialogue. This resulted in a candid discussion and subsequently has led to commitments from key leaders to actively engage their communities in healing discussions and activities.

Transparency takes consistent and ongoing communication with citizens, media, community leaders and legislators and the Utah AG office actively and tirelessly pursues these goals.