Drug Crimes and Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction affect many of our youth as well as other members of our society. From experimenting with medicinal drugs to hard, illegal substances, many are not only hurting themselves but their families and communities as well.

The action and investigations by the Utah Attorney General’s Office in conjunction with other state attorneys general, continue to bring pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors to accountability for the gross inadequacies involving the manufacture and distribution of opioid medication. The unrelenting call to action on pharmaceutical companies from Attorneys General like that of Attorney General Reyes, demands necessary change in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Reyes recently had the honor of narrating and hosting A&E’s ”Addiction Unplugged” series, which focuses on addiction, recovery and finding solutions to the opioid crisis. Reyes works tirelessly to shed light on a national epidemic that has no bias on wealth or lack thereof, skin color, age, gender or
status in society. He continues to be sought out by cable networks and media influencers on the topic of opioids, addiction, suicide prevention and holistic transformational approaches to criminal justice reform. 

As Utah's Attorney General, Reyes will work to keep illegal substances off of the street and to keep our communities safe from the dangers of drug abuse and addiction.