AG Reyes Speaks On Power of Athletics and Connection with Youth at the National Police Athletic/Activities League Training Conference


This week at the 71st Annual National Police Athletic/Activities League (PAL) Training Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah Attorney General Reyes shared with a captivated audience how athletics and strong role models such as his parents helped shape his character and leadership style. AG Reyes also discussed why PAL programs are resulting in positive outcomes among at-risk communities nationwide. 

“When I was young, sports such as boxing had a big influence on my life. Boxing not only trained me physically but also gave me confidence. It taught me discipline, hard work, overcoming failure and pushing myself to do hard things. My dad loved boxing and trained me before I joined a club. It was programs like PAL that helped give me a strong foundation for the future,” AG Reyes told PAL attendees.

Reyes also shared memories of his recently passed mother, Annette Reyes, a former Los Angeles-area high school principal who worked with at-risk kids at an alternative high school where she felt that impacting even one life was worth the difficulty of working among gangs, drugs and guns. Reyes likened the work of volunteer PAL directors (peace officers and civilian alike) to the public service his mother rendered, encouraging attendees to keep loving, protecting, providing stability, structure and a vision of the future to the youth they mentor in neighborhoods around the nation.

PAL is a national organization that works to prevent juvenile crime by building relationships between police and youth through recreational activities. The National PAL Training Conference began Sunday, May 17 and concludes Thursday, May 21. The conference provides classes for PAL chapters to learn skills to work with children and young adults and to discuss a number of topics, including bullying, crime prevention, youth relations and social media.

“As Utah’s Attorney General, I have deep gratitude for South Salt Lake PAL and the many other dedicated members of local and national PAL chapters for offering such positive outlets for our youth, particularly those in communities where there may be fewer positive role models available,” said AG Reyes. “PAL is an example of the many ways law enforcement contributes to the communities they protect. It is also a tremendous model of how law enforcement can interact in a peaceful, positive and meaningful way while teaching at risk youth there are ways to succeed within the limits of the law."

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In Memory of Former Governor Norm Bangerter

The Utah Attorney General’s Office expresses its deepest sympathy to the Bangerter family upon the passing of Governor Norman Bangerter. Attorney General Sean Reyes said, “Norm was a great leader and public servant. For a long time, I was a fan from afar but became friends over the past few years with him. I appreciate the wisdom and advice he provided me with humility and genuine care. The State will miss him dearly. I will miss him. I wish his family comfort and peace.”


Reyes speaks about sting operation


With more than 200 in attendance, General Reyes shared his Columbia sting experience with USU students turning heads, making new friends and amassing a few new supporters too. 

To read the full story in The Utah Statesman, click here.


The New York Times | Utah Passes White-Collar Felon Registry by Ben Protess

With just a point and a click, you can browse a face book of felons, a new government website that will warn of the danger these criminals pose to society.

Only these are not the faces of sex offenders and serial killers. These criminals are mortgage schemers and inside traders, most likely armed with nothing more than an M.B.A. or a law degree.

Their faces will soon appear online courtesy of the Utah Legislature, which on Wednesday approved a measure to buildthe nation’s first white-collar offender registry, appending a scarlet letter of sorts on the state’s financial felons. The registry — quirky even by the standards of a legislature that this week reinstated firing squads as a method of execution — will be replete with a “a recent photograph” of Utah’s white-collar offenders and, in case they try to run or hide, their “date of birth, height, weight, and eye and hair color.”

“White-collar crime is an epidemic in Utah,” said Sean Reyes, the state’s attorney general who formulated the idea for the registry when he was a defense lawyer, “representing some of these bad guys.” A former mixed martial arts fighter who has a metal plate lodged in his eye socket from a basketball injury, Mr. Reyes noted that while violent crimes were devastating, many “physical wounds heal,” whereas white-collar crimes “can forever deplete your life savings.”

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Attorney General Sean Reyes thanks the Utah-based rock band Neon Trees for serving as admirable role models for Utah youth

After introducing them to Governor Herbert, Lieutenant Governor Cox, the House, and the Senate, Attorney General Reyes presented the band with a declaration proclaiming March 4, 2015 Neon Trees Law Enforcement and Education Day.

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Attorney General Sean Reyes spends the morning with Bella Vista Elementary students celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday and reading!

How much fun to eat green ham and eggs with the students at Bella Vista Elementary in Cottonwood Heights and U of U fraternity and sorority members! Reading is fundamental and Dr. Seuss just makes reading that much more fun.




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Enjoyed the Pacific Academy Choir Performance at State Capitol Last Week

So great to spend time with the choir at the Capitol. Make sure to click on Read More to check out the fun pic. And, yes, I caught that sign from the little brother! 




X96 | Let’s Go Eat Podcast: Utah Attorney General, Sean Reyes

This is a special edition of the Let’s Go Eat Podcast for a couple of reasons. First, it doesn’t take place at a restaurant. Also, there’s no food.  You’ll have to imagine culinary delights in your head and look for a drink suggestion elsewhere this week because Bill sat down with Utah Attorney General, Sean Reyes in his office. Mr. Reyes recently received national and international notoriety from his recent trip to South America to break up a child sex trafficking ring (“Vice” even reported on the story). A refreshing story about someone representing the state of Utah when it seems most of the press Utah receives is for our quirkiness or Sundance.


Washington Examiner | Op Ed: Protecting children from modern day slavery

Though few are aware of the severity of the problem, human | child sex trafficking affects tens of thousands of people in America alone, despite the tireless efforts of law enforcement, advocacy groups, government agencies, and the international community. 

I am pleased the Washington Examiner considers this issue important and is sharing my opinion with readers, which was influenced by my recent involvement in an undercover sting with Tim Ballard's Operation Underground Railroad that took place in Colombia last October and resulted in the liberation of over 100 young girls—some as young at 11 years old—across three locations in Colombia.  

Click on this link to read today's Op Ed: Protecting children from modern day slavery


RNC Names Attorney General Reyes Rising Star

WASHINGTON – Today (January 15, 2015) at the RNC Winter Meeting in San Diego, California, Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chairman Sharon Day added four new individuals to the RNC Rising Stars program.

Chairman Priebus and Co-Chairman Day announced the next four Rising Stars and joined them in a panel discussion in San Diego.

·         Sean Reyes, Utah Attorney General
·         Anitere Flores, Florida State Senator District 37
·         Conrad James, New Mexico State Representative District 24
·         Hadley Heath Manning, Director of Health Policy at Independent Women’s Forum

“These four individuals are a fantastic addition to our Rising Stars program,” said Chairman Priebus. “I am thrilled to work with Anitere, Conrad, Hadley, and Sean and I look forward to hearing their unique perspectives as they continue to do great things for the Republican Party.”



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