The Atlantic Asks AG Reyes: Why Is Utah the First State to Have a White-Collar Crime Registry?

The state’s large Mormon community is particularly vulnerable to various financial schemes.

On Monday, Utah became the first state in the U.S. to have an online registry for white-collar crime offenders. The registry, which was approved by Utah legislature last year, will include a recent photo of criminals convicted of second-degree felonies involving fraud in the last 10 years in Utah, similar to other criminal registries. Although this information is already publicly available, Utah’s Attorney General Sean Reyes said that the user-friendly nature of the database is an important tool for consumer protection, especially in light of the state’s financial vulnerability to a certain types of fraud known as affinity fraud.

Why is Utah so particularly vulnerable to these sorts of schemes? The perpetrators of affinity fraud pray on groups with strong social ties, such as religious and ethnic communities. Usually, it involves a fraudster being, or pretending to be, a member of the group, and subsequently exploiting the trust of that community to run a Ponzi scheme. As Lisa Fairfax, a law professor at George Washington University, wrote, the scam is based on the premise that “You can trust me because I’m like you.” It works—well. The most famous affinity-fraud case in recent years is that of Bernie Madoff, who scammed his (mainly Jewish) clients of nearly $50 billion dollars.

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Attorney General Reyes Named Among Top 50 Most Influential Latino American Republicans

The Spanish were here long before any other Europeans, founding St. Augustine, Florida, more than 50 years before the Pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock, and their political influence is still felt strongly across America today.

Democrats might claim they own the Latino vote, but America is filled with influential Latinos who also happen to be conservative Republicans. Two even happen to be the leading Republican presidential candidates.

In 2004, George W. Bush scored an estimated 44 percent of the Latino vote, helping him edge out John Kerry. That number dropped to 23 percent for Mitt Romney in 2012.

With more than 13 million Latino votes up for grabs in November — and huge representations concentrated in states like Texas and Florida — many GOP strategists have said that the key to a Republican victory is the Latino vote.

Here, Newsmax has gathered a list of the top 50 most influential Latino Republicans. From state governors, representatives, and mayors, to businessmen and women, pundits, and commentators, this collection of people truly demonstrates what rich flavor Latino Republicans add to our country's political scene.

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Utah AG plans to sue EPA as local regulators say feds didn’t share info on water contamination

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said Friday he plans to take legal action against the Environmental Protection Agency following reports that it didn't alert the state to river contamination after a massive mine waste spill. For full story, see ABC News report. 



Attorney General Mourns Loss of Officer Douglas Barney In Holladay Shooting

“Annually, we stand as a law enforcement community in our nation's capitol to remember local heroes like Sgt. Cory Wride, Sgt. Derek Johnson and Trooper Aaron Beesley for their courage and ultimate sacrifice while serving as peace officers in Utah communities. After almost two years of respite from such loss in our state, we sadly add 18-year veteran Officer Douglas Barney to that hallowed list. We pray for the complete recovery of Officer Jon Richey, who was also shot in the line of duty today.

The Office of the Attorney General and I, personally, mourn for all who are impacted by the loss of Officer Barney to our Utah law enforcement family. We express our deepest sympathy and gratitude to his family and pray they will find some peace in his valor and distinctive service as he and Officer Richey today protected citizens and their fellow officers from what could have been an even more widespread and senseless tragedy. 

We will have opportunities in the coming days, weeks and years to pay tribute to Officer Doug Barney for his ultimate sacrifice and Officer Richey for his own valiant sacrifice. Today, we simply offer our prayers for Officer Richey's recovery and our deep regret for the premature end of Officer Barney's watch, which fell on what should have been a peaceful Sunday morning.” 


AG Reyes Supports Utah Charity Camp Kostopulos on Guinness World Record Attempt

12 Cities, 24 Hours and One Good Cause

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes will support Utah’s Camp Kostopulos and partner ABC 4 Utah today in their Guinness World Record title attempt for “Most Live Concerts in 24 Hours (multiple cities)” done to raise funds for Camp Kostopulos and awareness for people with special needs.  General Reyes will attend multiple Utah concerts in the series today.

“Camp K and its partners are using this record breaking opportunity not for personal recognition, but to raise awareness of the many families and children fighting to overcome challenges presented by their disabilities,” said Attorney General Reyes.  "The positive attitude of these children and their families is inspirational. I congratulate Camp K on this monumental attempt, which is a reminder for us all to take action and give back to our communities.”   

To meet the Guinness World Records criteria, Camp K will host a concert in 12 different cities, at 12 different venues in 24 hours to benefit the Kostopolus Dream Foundation. ABC 4 Utah has been chronicling the lead up and will cover the event. A bus and helicopter will be employed to transport the team in order to challenge the record.

The concert series began last night, Nov. 30, 2015, in San Diego at 9p.m., and ends tonight in Salt Lake City, with concert stops also in St. George, Cedar City, Provo, Tooele, Logan, and Ogden, Utah. Attorney General Reyes will attend multiple concerts including the final concert, which will be held at the Grand Theatre at Salt Lake Community College at 9 p.m. (MST). 

Attorney General Reyes has shown ongoing support for Camp Kostopolus. Most recently, on Sept. 10, 2015, he met with families impacted by Prader Willi Syndrome as they took part in therapeutic recreation at the camp.  On that same day, approximately 150 employees of the LDS church were on sight completing Camp K improvement projects. 

Camp K is a charity that works to improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities by providing therapeutic recreation, education and growth experiences to those it serves. For more information please visit


Attorney General Recognized with Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility's 2015 Leadership Award

Over the past year, it's been an honor to support and advance alcohol responsibility especially as we deal as a society with how to prevent DUIs and underage drinking. I was humbled to receive the leadership award this week from Brandy Nannini at the foundation and hope that more Utahns will support the effort to advance awareness for the cause among youth and family members alike. 



Happy Veteran's Day to Utah's Military Heroes

It was an honor to spend some time in Payson today at the Central Utah Veterans Home. I was truly honored and humbled to be able to speak and share stories with so many incredibly courageous military heroes. 





AG Reyes Speaks to Maeser Prep Students About the Perils of Human Trafficking

Utah Attorney General Reyes takes any chance he can get to educate and warn all Utahns about the perils of Human Trafficking right here in the state of Utah and nationwide.

Today he spent the morning with Maeser Prep in Lindon Utah sharing his experience about his undercover mission to Colombia in the fall of 2014 where he helped rescue over 100 girls from child sex trafficking and the signs students should watch for if they suspect a child or adult is being trafficked.


Human trafficking is far from an endemic problem and educating teenagers, college students and adults alike will help to ensure the eradication of this heinous crime against children and women, which has been coined "modern day slavery" by some and simply unacceptable by AG Reyes and his team of lawyers and investigators at the Utah AG office.




Attorney General Sean Reyes Delivers Keynote at the National Association of Women Judges 2015 Conference

AG Reyes' Speech Highlights Women in Law & Utah’s Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking

SALT LAKE CITY—Oct. 9, 2015—Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes today delivered the keynote address at the National Association of Women Judges 2015 Conference, the 37th annual event held this year in Salt Lake City. Approximately 150 women judges from throughout the country and world representing federal, state, tribal, military and administrative law courts at both the appellate and trial levels were in attendance – along with many local practicing attorneys and law students.

“I want my little girl to grow up knowing she can achieve her dreams in part because you have pushed open many doors for generations of women behind you,” noted Reyes in his remarks. “And I want to thank you for making the fight against human trafficking, which ravages women and children worldwide, one of your organizational priorities.” 

Utah has become a leader in combating trafficking both domestically and internationally. In addition to Utah’s universities offering programs focused on the issue, its legal and judiciary community, along with the legislature, non-profits network, corporations and law enforcement are joining together through the Trafficking in Persons Task Force administered through the Utah Attorney General’s Office.  Attorney General Reyes recently hosted 23 international leaders in trafficking discussions, trained 20 Attorneys General from states and foreign countries – and has been invited to speak with ambassadors and heads of state about coordinating efforts on this issue.



September 11, 2015

"On this day marking one of our nation's darkest moments, we celebrate the strength and resilience of the American people. While we mourn the loss of so many innocent lives, we recognize the great light of God, of our constitution, the liberties and freedoms we enjoy as a country and those who defend them. We thank military, law enforcement and first responders who protect and serve daily.

"We remember their great sacrifice on that fateful September day in 2001 and continued sacrifices for the months and years to follow. Hopefully, we also recall the might of our collective power; a diverse citizenry. With all of us, average citizens, banding together to heal wounds and to defy evil. It is one of the lasting remembrances from such calamity--the great good that can be done when we are united as a people, with the welfare of our suffering brothers and sisters foremost in our minds and partisanship, divisiveness, prejudice and personal agendas cast aside.

"It also reminds us of the need for America to be strong. Not in arrogance. Not with a sense of cultural superiority. But strong in its defense, strong in it purpose and strong in is commitment to the ideals of democracy and liberty. May God bless America with peace and prosperity when possible and strength and deliverance when it is not."

~Attorney General Sean D. Reyes