AG Reyes Speaks to Maeser Prep Students About the Perils of Human Trafficking

Utah Attorney General Reyes takes any chance he can get to educate and warn all Utahns about the perils of Human Trafficking right here in the state of Utah and nationwide.

Today he spent the morning with Maeser Prep in Lindon Utah sharing his experience about his undercover mission to Colombia in the fall of 2014 where he helped rescue over 100 girls from child sex trafficking and the signs students should watch for if they suspect a child or adult is being trafficked.


Human trafficking is far from an endemic problem and educating teenagers, college students and adults alike will help to ensure the eradication of this heinous crime against children and women, which has been coined "modern day slavery" by some and simply unacceptable by AG Reyes and his team of lawyers and investigators at the Utah AG office.