Impact Of Negative Super Pac Ads Appears Damaging In New Dan Jones Poll

With Cease and Desist letters sent to all Utah stations, Reyes, who continues to receive meaningful endorsements, remains hopeful for a positive outcome next Tuesday

SALT LAKE CITY—June 22, 2012—According to Utah Attorney General Candidate Sean Reyes, the last 10 days of negative Super PAC attack ads, with a spend run of approximately $10,000 per day across local stations, spearheaded by the out-of-state “It’s Now or Never PAC” and Swallow’s push polling and false, negative attacks throughout the AG race have skewed the Dan Jones poll results issued today. The Reyes campaign has issued Cease and Desist letters to each Utah TV and radio station airing the Super PAC hit pieces.

According to Dan Jones, approximately one quarter of voters is still undecided in the Utah Attorney General’s race. Momentum continues to build for Reyes’ campaign with the recent endorsement of Assistant Attorney General Karl Perry, who penned an Op Ed detailing his support for Reyes in The Herald Journal. Perry cites Reyes’ real-life experience, sound judgment, and ability to make hard, bias-free decisions as the basis for his endorsement.

“I will continue to make every effort to ensure that my message and vision for the AG’s office resonates with every Utahn through June 26,” said Reyes. “I am the real attorney in this race with the leadership and experience to return the AG’s office into the law office it should be.”

Commenting on the uphill battle the negative attack ads have created, Reyes notes, “In light of knowing that the Super PAC ads are false, I hope voters, regardless of whether they feel they have decided or not, will take two minutes to visit my website and learn more about the ‘real me’ before they cast their vote on June 26.”