Asst. AG Karl Perry: Vote Reyes for Attorney General

LOGAN, UT – (Herald Journal News – June 21, 2012)

To The Editor:

On June 26, Republicans will go to the polls to choose who will be their candidate for Utah attorney general. Whoever is chosen at that time will very likely be serving as the attorney general come January.

The office of the attorney general, through his or her assistants, will likely impact you in some respect given that the office represents all state agencies from the Office of Recovery Services, Public Safety and Transportation, Natural Resources, Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing, Department of Child and Family Services and Tax and Revenue, just to name a few. The office also handles all criminal appeals of felonies for the whole state as well as handling conflict of interest cases in district courts at the county level. The AG’s office also represents the 10 public colleges in their legal needs.

All this is a big job, even for Utah’s largest law firm and its 224 assistant attorneys general. To lead this office, it requires a person with real-life experience, sound judgment, willing to make hard decisions and be free of bias. If you will take the time to do some research on the two candidates you will find that Sean Reyes meets this criteria.

Sean Reyes received his education from a top 10 law school. After law school he practiced nearly 14 years at one of the largest law firms in the state. He soon became a partner at this firm where he handled many high-profile litigation cases. He has argued cases before the state and federal courts including the Utah Supreme Court and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. During that time he was recognized as the National Outstanding Young Lawyer by the ABA and the Utah Young Lawyer of the Year within the state.

John Swallow, on the other hand, received his post as a deputy attorney general from Mark Shurtleff, not because of his credentials, but because he had been Mark Shurtleff’s fundraiser. John Swallow, who has only been with the AG’s office two years, has spent a great deal of his career fundraising or lobbying for pay-day loan companies. Much of his campaign fundraising came from multi-level marketing companies, call centers and questionable online coaching companies. Check out the lieutenant governor’s website and see for yourself. John Swallow’s campaign rhetoric regarding his involvement with Utah’s challenge of “Obamacare” is at the very least misleading.

The attorney general represents the people of Utah, and the office should be free from the influence of special interest groups. Do your research of the two candidates and make your choice carefully, and I believe you will come to the same conclusion that I did — that Sean Reyes is the best candidate.

Karl Perry