Protecting our Families

Keeping our families safe is my top priority, especially from violent crimes like domestic abuse and crimes towards children. As Attorney General, I will do my utmost to prosecute these crimes to the fullest extent of the law to help secure a safe living environment in which to raise our families.

Drug Crimes

Substance abuse affects many of our youth as well as other members of our society. From experimenting with medicinal drugs to hard, illegal substances, many are not only hurting themselves but their families and communities as well. As your Attorney General, I will work to keep illegal substances off of the street and to keep our communities safe from the dangers of drug abuse.

Health Care

Obamacare and the hundreds of federal regulations coming out of Washington DC will severely limit economic growth in Utah. Utah needs an Attorney General with experience in the courtroom to fight Obama’s unconstitutional mandates and regulations, specifically Obamacare. As your Attorney General I will aggressively oppose the implementation of Obamacare and any other federal program that infringes on our state sovereignty.

Efficiency and Transparency

Efficiency and transparency are key components to the foundation of a strong government. The ability for citizens to see what their representatives are doing is vital to prevent corruption. Efficiency and transparency in government will also do much to brighten the economic forecast. People need to see the government fighting against corruption – both in business and in its own practices.

White-Collar Crimes

As your Attorney General, I will prosecute those who do not follow current business laws. Business owners and consumers will be protected from those who wish to abuse the law. This protection translates to a better business climate for Utahns. New businesses will be encouraged to relocate to our state, knowing that they will be protected from these white-collar crimes.

Open Door Policy

In selecting cases and enacting policies for the Office of Attorney General, I will take into account the diversity we enjoy in this State. From city to rural interests, energy and conservation projects and from pioneer stock to new residents, enforcement of our laws have far-reaching effects. I commit to an open door and an open mind when it comes to concerns from industries as diverse as mining, construction, agriculture, manufacturing and banking, finance, direct sales, hospitality, entertainment, professional services and high tech. Input from the people of Utah is vital because the Attorney General should be the attorney of and for the people.