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What Fathers Know Best

The following is an excerpt from the Deseret News article ‘What fathers know best: Notable personalities on what they learned from their dads,’ by Lois M. Collins on June 6, 2014.

The full article can be read in its original location here

Utah attorney general Sean Reyes on Norberto Antonio “Buddy” Reyes: “My dad was born in the Philippines into a political family, and his uncle, Ramon Magsaysay, became a beloved president during the golden years of the country. After Magsaysay’s death, my dad saw his homeland transform from a strong and flourishing republic to a corrupt dictatorship that resulted in tyranny and financial ruin for the nation. Despite being an internationally acclaimed artist and successful entertainer, my dad was outspoken against such corruption.

“Later, my father taught his children to tirelessly serve family, neighborhood, state and nation to help repay this country for accepting him when he fled political persecution and threats on his life in the Philippines. His proudest day, next to marrying Mom, was becoming an America citizen, and he has always warned my siblings and me to be vigilant or our liberties and freedoms in America could be taken from us as well. He is a perfectionist who constantly repeated a phrase from his grandfather: ‘If you have a job to do, do it well or not at all.’ Whether it was school, sports, service or even washing a window, we would do it again and again until it met his high standards. But he did it with so much love and encouragement that we had a lot of fun and felt like we could accomplish anything.”

Utah AG Sean Reyes on “Person 2 Person” with KUTV’s Shauna Lake

See the interview and transcript in its original location at KUTV.com

Sean Reyes was appointed to be Utah’s attorney general by Governor Gary Herbert following the resignation of former attorney general John Swallow. With his new role in politics, Sean says that he is hoping to restore the public’s faith in the office. This week he sat down with Shauna Lake to talk about stepping into politics as well as life outside the office.

Below is a transcript of Shauna Lake’s interview with Sean Reyes:

SHAUNA LAKE: Congratulations on your new position.

SEAN REYES: Thanks Shauna.

SHAUNA LAKE: This is a long time coming for you. You’ve had political ambitions for a while. Is that safe to say?

SEAN REYES: You know interestingly since I was a kid, I guess you could say I was very interested in politics. My family, my dad’s family in the Philippines, his uncle was the president of the Philippines. So there’s always been that, sort of, desire to serve in that capacity. But really, truthfully, I was so busy with my law practice and my cases that until just a couple of years ago I really didn’t have any ambitions to run for office. And then I had a number of people encourage me to run for AG. Continue reading “Utah AG Sean Reyes on “Person 2 Person” with KUTV’s Shauna Lake” »


My Priorities for the AG Office: Create a Culture Change and Restore Public Trust

In order to create a culture change and restore public trust, I will implement internal, external, and policy changes in the office. Read about them below:

Procedural Priorities (Internal)

1. The first order of business has been to conduct a review and audit (administrative or financial or both) without disrupting the important legal work being done in the office. The public needs to have this window into the rebuilding process to restore trust.

2. In addition to the review and audit, I have been meeting with every lawyer in the office to conduct a top to bottom assessment. I am looking at every leadership position and making changes as necessary where needed. There are many talented lawyers in the Utah AG office and some of them need a chance to lead. Continue reading “My Priorities for the AG Office: Create a Culture Change and Restore Public Trust” »