Sean Reyes is among the most dynamic and successful young professionals
Sean Reyes is among the most dynamic and successful young professionals in the country today. He has been recognized nationally and locally for his legal skills and professionalism, local and national Bar leadership and unparalleled commitment to public service. He has lent his legal expertise to media outlets ranging from Fox National Business News to the Economist.
Look Who’s Endorsing Sean
Greg Funk- Emery County Sheriff

David A. Edmunds- Summit County Sheriff

Brian Nielson- Sanpete County Sheriff

Jann Farris- Morgan County Attorney

David R. Brickey- Summit County Attorney

Robert A. Dekker- Millard County Sheriff

Claire M. Ramsay- Garfield County Commission Chair

H. Dell LeFeyre- Garfield County Commissioner

Leland Pollock- Garfield County Commissioner

Newell Harward- Garfield County Commissioner

Aimee Winder Newton- Salt Lake City Council (District 3)

G. Mark Thomas- Uintah County Attorney

Alan Gardner- Washington County Commissioner

Victor Iverson- Washington County Commissioner

Gary Anderson- Utah County Commissioner

Casey Hopes- Carbon County Commissioner

Dale Stacey- Rich County Sheriff

Brock Belnap- Washington County Chairman

Val Potter- Cache County Council Chairman

Stan Summers- Box Elder County Commissioner

Brody Keisel- Sanpete County Attorney

Brian Nielson- Sanpete County Sheriff

Utah Governor Gary Herbert

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox

Mayor Brent Christensen, Annabella, Utah

Mayor Gayle K. Bunker, Delta City, Utah

Brody L. Keisel, Sanpete County Attorney

Mayor S. Lee Bracken, City of Enterprise

Mayor Len Arave, North Salt Lake

Police Chief Thomas W. Runyan, Payson, Utah

Sean Reyes takes on tall tasks as Utah's new attorney general

Why Have You Run for Re-Election

Monday, October 13, 2014
I love to serve and feel like my team is making a positive difference in many areas. I am the candidate with the most leadership and legal experience and most qualified for this position.  Over the last nine months, we have built a lot of productive momentum in the Utah Attorney General’s Office (“AGO”) and I am running for reelection to ensure we continue moving in the right direction. The morale of the office improves each day. Public trust has...
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If Re-Elected, What are the First Items You Would Address as Attorney General?

Monday, October 13, 2014
My emphasis would be the same as it has always been:Restoring public trust in government while protecting Utah citizens, businesses, children and Seniors from devastating effects of: (1) violent crimes, abuse, drugs, Internet predators; (2) white collar fraud and Ponzi schemes; (3) federal overreach into local and state affairs such as healthcare, education, public lands, and gun rights. I will continue to aggressively investigate and prosecute criminal cases while protecting civil liberties, defending state laws and filing suits where appropriate...
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How Does Transparency Help Restore Public Trust in the Office of the Attorney General? Where do you Draw the Line with Transparency?

Monday, October 13, 2014
Transparency is essential and we have added resources in the office to respond to public requests for information.  We have also been more compliant with open and transparent bidding on government contracts.  In certain cases, however, there is information we cannot disclose because it is protected by attorney-client privilege, protected under HIPPAA or other laws or which could endanger people like our undercover investigators and their informants if disclosed.  We have to be careful to be transparent without doing anything...
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Sean Reyes for Attorney General
Address: 222 So. Main St. #500, SLC UT 84101
Phone: 385.282.5222